Friday, 15 July 2011

Awesome Dubstep

Since I've already written a bit about filthstep, I thought I'd share a few of the tunes I currently favor. I'm in a pretty solid dubstep period at the moment, where 3/4 of the music I listen to daily fits into the genre somehow. Here are a few of the tunes:

First one can't be missed. DJ Fresh has accomplished what no other dubstep or d'n'b dj has managed; a UK #1. With the track "Louder" which features the brilliant Sian Evans, he's taking the world by storm, and by god - it's a massive tune. Here's the official video:

The mood of the video is simply brilliant. Worth checking out also is the remix done by Flux Pavilion and Doctor P (both from Circus Records). The video seen below is someone doing a great job with the track:

Next track isn't as fresh as the above one (pun intended), but still one of the tracks I really enjoy:

Now, Feed Me is the very same Jon Gooch who also goes under the name "Spor" when making hard-hitting, dark and menacing drum and bass. The man is nothing short of a genius, which he shows in one of the other tracks currently burning up my playlists:

Now, the next one also features a Doctor P remix, it's a real banger this time too:

The next one is a bit on the heavier side, and comes from Koan Sound (could only find a clip of this on YT):

The last two tracks is from a London duo called 16bit, which are currently signed to MTA (Chase & Status' label). First track is a properly heavy track, and the second one is just as heavy, but might seem a bit weird to some. I dig them both, and the second track feels like a very fresh variation in this genre:

So, that's it for this time. I'll try to make this a regular thing, and make it like a bi-weekly thing or something, where I post some of my current favourite dubstep tracks, for you to enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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