Thursday, 21 May 2009


This post will probably be considered either discriminating, hateful, ignorant or stupid by a lot of people. Good, maybe it will spark a debate.

I started giving some thought to donations the other day. Like Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations. It was a news story that triggered it. Someone was interviewing Sarah Ferguson about her charity work, especially her work with kids who are being mistreated, locked up, chained, raped etc.

And yes, it's an absolutely horrible thought that this is going on. And yes, it's horrible that people are starving, or getting killed by civil wars, terrorists, hunger, diseases, earth quakes and other bad things. But then it struck me. Is it really? I mean, if the western world - if we can call it that - dig really deep, and think about preserving ourselves, is it really that bad?

It's a fact (go google it) that at the current growth rate, Earth won't be able to support the number of people living on it, in a foreseable future. Unless, of course, we come up with some ingenius plan to grow food from stuff that doesn't take anything out of the Earth's resources. Ok then, that means we have to take a long, hard look at what's going on in the world.

There are literally hundreds of thousands dying every day, to some of those causes I mentioned above. And we - as decent human beings and fellow citizens of Earth - try to help out by donating clothes, food, money and other material to alleviate the situation of those who need it. Which means, the growth rate continues.

Now, I know, this sounds extremely cynical, bordering on lunacy. But this entire post is just a mind experiment, and possibly an explanation to why certain influential contries don't seem too willing to help out countries in proper need - unless they have oil.

Think of it this way: by not helping third world countries, the death rate goes up, which means growth goes down. Thus, putting less stress on the question of whether or not the number of humans on the planet is sustainable. Less for them, more for us - so to speak. I mean, it's a very simple logic to follow, really. Turn away from the bad stuff, ignore it, and you're home free and don't have to worry about the environment etc.

Do you guys think that's what it's about? Do you think any western companies actually act that cynically? I mean, to save a huge percentage of lives in certain African countries, all we would need is about $10 million worth of equipment for cleaning water. Hell, even small time millionaires could cough up that much, yet it is not happening. Could this be the reasoning behind it?

I don't know. I really am in a state of shock when I look at some of the problems in this world, the possible solution, and the defiancy to give people the help they need.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Something fun, which is also free!

Remember all those casino machines (slot machines) that used to be placed all over the shops? The ones that had all the blinking lights and robbed you of your student loans? Cough. Well, I remember them. I used to win quite a decent amount on those. Was a nice contribution to the freakishly small student payments.

Anywho, since they were removed from basically all shops in Norway, I've been half missing them. Saw a few online, but they were mostly for playing with real money. And there's just no way I am going to risk real money playing cash machines online, that could easily be programmed to not pay out.

My joy was therefore great when I found this online casino, which let's you play on all the machines on several casino sites, without risking a penny. Several of these are quite fun actually, especially the Devil's Delight, which has some incredibly fun bonus features.

Most of the mini games are available as "play with real money" machines on certain sites, like Betsafe etc. I just enjoy the time killers though, and the fun of it all.