Sunday, 30 August 2009

Piracy vs. willingness

Ok, so today my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to rent a movie at home. We had just been to my brother and his girlfriend, and they had a particular cable-box that allowed them to rent video-on-demand directly through it.

So we get home, and we had picked a movie - "Men who hate women (Män som hatar kvinnor)". So we start up Windows Media Center, go to SF Anytime (currently the best available VOD service), and see if we can find it there. No dice.

We decide to google for more VOD services available in Norway. We found a couple, searched them, and we only found one that had this particular movie. I googled that VOD, and found a large amount of negative critique, particularly about problems with playing in full screen. Which is part of the point when you watch a movie.

The point here is: it's saturday night, we want to pay for watching a movie (which we will not own afterwards), but we can't find a service that provides this. Out of curiosity we search TPB, and yes, it's there in full DVD quality. On another torrent-site, we found it in 720p resolution as well.

Take a guess what we did. Who's to blame?