Tuesday, 21 June 2011


In today's edition of Dagbladet, you can read about a sociologist who spews some bullcrap about 'Hurtigruten'. Instead of people actually - for once - gathering around something Norwegian on the telly, he wants us to focus on all the shit that goes on in the world - specifically Europe.

With the euro standing on the edge of a cliff, Greece in turmoil, and the entire European Union at risk, I am painfully aware of the fact that shit might hit the fan soon. But is that a reason to not take a fucking break from it all? Would he rather millions just delved into their books, movies, facebook, twitter and computer games?

I, for one, applaud 'Hurtigruten'. It's gonna be years until I can afford a cruise along these beautiful shores, so getting to see snippets of the truly stunning scenery, is completely captivating to me. Imagine the tourists on that boat. Every port (well, as near as makes no difference) greets them with bands, choirs, posters, flowers etc. Even in the dead of night! Do you think they're having the best cruise of their lives? Probably!

This show calms me down. I don't have to flick through umpteen channels to find out nothing's on. I find myself relaxing, watching beautiful mountain ranges and islands, lit by the midnight sun. National romantic? You can bet your sweet, hateful ass I am.

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